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A child might feel like a burden, but isn't in the long run. Tonight: Return a call; relax and then decide. You could want to clear out a financial development before it affects you. Someone around you is unusually creative; this person triggers more creativity from you. Don't allow someone's mood or attitude to spoil the day. Tonight: Curb a desire to pounce.

Your determination comes through because you're resolute about getting more answers. You'll do whatever you can to get a good talk going. If you can't find some information, you might feel more confused by the end of day. Tonight: With a favorite person. You need to come to an understanding with an important associate in your office. This person has felt closed off and less willing to open up to a new course or direction. He or she would like some support. Do what's right for you.

Tonight: Get some extra R and R. You might want to be more easygoing, but you tend to be fussy and impossible.

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This period hasn't been easy. Often, you find that you're in a control game or a power play. You could find that too much chatter surrounds you. Tonight: Stay close to home. You might want to move past an immediate hassle at home. You might become more focused on what works well and opt to go through a phase of being centered. Don't let your inner dialogue get too wild.

Tonight: You wild thing. One-on-one relating could draw your temper out. You could want to express an idea differently. Be more upbeat and forward-looking.

You can be found visiting your different friends and loved ones tonight and Saturday. The real fun begins Sunday, when you can hook up with a special friend, whether the friend calls or you run into him or her. Do not count on Monday being a workday. The sooner the better; you'll have more fun. You cannot get enough time together when you start interacting.

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Unfortunately, Sunday you will need to be home and accounted for, blemishing the potential of a perfect few days. Both of you enjoy the innate joking , repartee, and laughter, and that is only the beginning of what you relish. You will have plenty of reason to smile most of the weekend. LEO July Aug. No such happening this weekend. You can watch others as they try to reel you in. You simply need to say yes or no.


Most likely a yes was the only response possible sometime during the weekend. The romp begins. If you must revamp your schedule to get to know this person better, do. You could have a new beginning if all is as good as it looks! Get the news you need to start your day. You might not know which way to proceed, but trust your natural inclinations. Avoid Sunday for dates and getting to know someone better, You are in prime form Friday and Saturday.

Use the time well. Black Friday will be an online affair if you have your way. Tonight: Let the party begin.

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This Week: Listen well in a meeting. Sagittarius Nov.


You often express your high energy by reaching out to others. One-on-one relating adds to the trust that lies between you and a key person. Tonight: Opt for togetherness. Capricorn Dec.


Make it OK to break tradition and do what you want. Having a lazy morning gives you some time just for you. A close loved one comes forward and shares a secret or some good news. Tonight: Touch base with a friend. This Week: Let others wear the crown of power if it makes them happy. Aquarius Jan.

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Allow yourself to be more childlike. Tonight: Think Monday. This Week: Get into must-do projects Monday. Pisces Feb. You simply do not need to keep extending yourself beyond your natural energy level. If you feel tired, pull back and take a nap. Meet up with a friend for a late brunch. This Week: Your imagination could work for or against various projects. It is your call. By Jacqueline Bigar. More in News.