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Moon Sign Pisces – The Moon in Pisces

Personal relationships and work duties could help or hinder progress, with a sense of urgency to your connection. Investments are spotlighted as the Moon moves through Pisces — big purchases a car or house — or boat!


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Passions are intensified now, particularly what it is you want to create or produce with a collaborator, be it an art project, hobby, baby or simply a moment of fun! It could be incredibly challenging feeling emotionally stable, despite growth experienced at home. Find the balance between being readily engaged among those closest and in your job, versus needing to power down — it could be an exhausting lunation, Libra! Spotlight romance and your sense of personal creativity now, Scorpio.

Your Weekly Horoscope: the Dreamy Pisces Full Moon Is Coming

The Pisces Moon is passing through the passionate area of your horoscope that emphasizes artistic projects, your own interests and ability to produce something fun! It might be difficult to step away from the spotlight or set aside your ambitious nature, just for a couple of days, but try. Regard your income and with clarity, while navigating relationships and your community as you thrive in your position.

Peers including your industry or network of contacts could be on a differnet page about your value, while a partner or certain private commitment also proves distracting. Look to your circle of friends, community, peers or network, which could hold space for the individuals in your midst. There could be a certain discomfort around your flourishing sense of success and their needs, yet focus on your wellbeing and sense of fun! Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder. She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars.

Her Sagittarius moon lights up with talk of travel, while her Mercury in Taurus waxes lyrical over cosmic cosmetics. Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Natal charts are the basis of natal astrology and this is the branch we focus on here.

What Does This Full Moon in Pisces Mean?

This golden star is the fire of your soul, the flame that moves you towards your noble goals; yes, the Sun represents nobility, light, generosity, bravery and all the good qualities that have to develop in an individual. Of course, the development of these qualities depends on many other factors and they could all turn bad. The Sun sign represents a special channel for your personality to develop; it gives it specific form. The Sun sign is your native sign; this is what people commonly identify with the whole idea of horoscope.

However, we are all different, because our own native sign is under the influence of others signs and aspects found in our natal chart. Nevertheless, if you have the Sun in Pisces, you definitely share Pisces qualities with other people of the same native sign. In other words, the Sun in Pisces makes you a Pisces person. What is it that all Pisces have in common? This is a Water element sign, of mutable quality and negative polarity.

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Its natural ruler is the planet Neptune; also, Jupiter rules over Pisces. Pisces are often regarded as one of the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. Just like other Water element signs, Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces is interested in things that are more abstract and mysterious; things that cannot be explained and understood only by reason. Pisces have great intuition and they are characterized by deeper understanding of the world around them. Pisces are not intense and ambitious as Scorpios, nor emotionally vulnerable as cancers could be.

Their presence is very important, even though they are not leaders. They are caring, empathic and emotionally supportive individuals. We all have a rational and an emotional side of our personality. The Sun represents the first one and it is about our presentation and expression; the Sun is about all aspects of our being that we are well aware of.

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The Moon is the other, deeper and emotional part; we are mostly unaware of its effects. The Moon defines the impression and the emotional reaction. The Moon is associated with mystery, magic, the element of Water and thus with everything changeable and transformative.

It allows us to go deeper and to search through our deepest desires. The Moon could help us discover what is it that our heart really wants, if we listen to its guiding voice with patience and willingness to understand it. It defines the way we take impressions from the world around us and our emotional reaction to those.

The sign defines the nature of our emotional self; this is the reason why some of us are so compassionate and others are not, for example. Aries is a Fire element sign, harsh, direct, impatient and very dynamic. Aries was made out of pure action; it is associated with strength, determination and courage.

When it comes to emotions, Aries is not known as particularly sensitive or empathic. The Moon in Aries does not feel very comfortable and its subtle energy is easily outshined by the fiery nature of Aries. This makes Aries Moon people those who do not think twice before they say or do something; they lack empathy so they cannot decide if what they are about to do would hurt anyone. They simply do not think about it, although their intentions are extremely rarely bad. Moon Aries are direct and straightforward.

They never try to hide their feelings about or towards someone or something. They speak their thoughts and feelings aloud. They are not afraid of being hurt for showing of their emotions. They are very self-confident and strong. Moon Aries are tough, raw and insensitive. If they want something, they will tell it and do get in action. If they feel this way or another, they would not try to hide it. Pisces and Aries are so very different from one another. However, when found in this combination of the Sun and the Moon sign, it could give a very interesting personality.

Pisces Sun Aries Moon people possess all the emotional depth of Pisces and all the courage of fiery Aries. This makes them romantic and brave, people who fight with passion for their cause.