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ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

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    Motion Twin can freely change the presentation of the Service and its contents. Operation of the Service and equipment 9. Technical restrictions. Temporary closure of the Service. Sorry if this is a repeat. I'll use as a placeholder if there is anything else I can post about this beautiful deck. Originally Posted by Cerulean.

    Hello Huck, I am sorry, my Il Solleone resources predates the deck. My catalogs and historical books from Il Solleone pre-dates the release that Uri Raz writes about.

    TILLY TAROT - Professional Tarot Card Reader & Writer - www.tillytarot.com

    I checked and found I mistook some of the French playing card deck reproductions and a colored version of the Minchiate Florentine from Il Solleone as the rarer Minchiate Francesi. However now I do have a reason to find this rare edition. Sorry I have nothing more at this time. This thread has many intriguing possibilities and I hope we hear from others who have the rare Il Solloene Minchiate Francesi edition or have some other things to share. Thank you for your thorough combing of the internet of perhaps we will see more information soon!


    Mincbiate variants and Kaplan later. The auction catalog of Christies should come up with a historical Minchiate that also reflects the four corners of the world mapping fancies of the s, am noting this first. Only this would be all I have to share, except checking S. Taylor or Kaplan for Minchiate variants The Four Continents pattern and fanciful Transformation illusrrations in French suited decks were printed throughout the s and s.

    So I do see fabulous gaming decks that pull the Neoclassical and romantic imagery, but I also realized you reminded me of the Grimaud Petit Oracle des Dames--which has days of creation, including Nuit--and I have information closer to Etteila cartomancy. So there first, but the variants of Minchiate, especially this rare one, was a gorgeous find!

    I've written meanwhile variously about the important role of the Poilly decks at other places. The two most relevant posts are likely here: Petit Oracle des dames, c. Free Tarot Readings. Tarot Books. Tarot Card Meanings.

    Tarot Forum. Page 1 of 2. The chaos. The sun, Helios in the sun chariot pulled by four horses. The moon, a woman with bow and arrow seated on a cloud with the moon at her back - possibly Artemis. The stars, a feminine figure holding a scepter with a stars at it's top, seated on clouds against the background of the stars. The world, an infant seated on concentric circles and holding a sandglass in his hand. January, illustration of acquarius. February, illustration of pisces. March, illustration of aries. April, illustration of taurus. May, illustration of gemini.

    June, illustration of cancer. July, illustration of leo. August, illustration of virgo. September, illustration of libra. October, illustration of scorpio. November, illustration of sagittarius.