Libra daily horoscope 24 december 2019

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The Moon is in lost-in-the-woods, fairytale sign Pisces all day long, where it fires up your imagination! The world is filled with fairies and demons for Pisces, all right there, as real as you and me. What do you see? You can draw on magical energies today - the infinite possibilities that the cosmos has in place just for you - and create exactly the kind of love relationship, windfall or dream career that you desire.

Your imagination has no limits and neither does your potential.

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Enter that magical space today! The last time that the Moon was in Pisces, a month ago, we had that dark and spooky Micro-Moon. Process them with the benefit of all you have learned in the past three and a half weeks.

Astroved Pisces

As the Moon harmonises with Uranus, Mercury and the Lunar Nodes, it helps you find allies and find inspiration. There will always be somebody who is more successful than you, somebody who makes more money than you, somebody who has more Instagram followers than you. Today brings with itself yet another breakthrough moment.

Acknowledge what you have created so far, knowing that there is a lot more you are yet to achieve on this path. Know that you are a star in your own right.

The moon enters Leo today.

What is that one thing that triggered you beyond measure and made you unleash your demons in the dark? This is the week to approach your shadows with the inner knowing of a monk. Congratulations, Virgo! You have finally risen above the storm. This is a time of immense spiritual growth in your world. Approach them with awareness and release them with love. Why limit yourself to three wishes when you can have anything that you want? The Universe is working with you.


Your dreams and desires are taking a tangible form. Get ready to receive the rewards of all the hard work you have put in. Being at harmony with those around reminds you that your life truly is a gift. Cosmic tip: Get ready to receive the rewards of all the hard work you have put in. Measure success not by worldly standards, but how many hurdles you have crossed, how much you have challenged yourself, and how much transformation you have seen on your path. Today brings with itself yet another milestone moment. Acknowledge it. Celebrate it.

Why put your best suit on when you can stay in bed and binge on sappy films all day? Nothing describes your mood better than Netflix and chill. Searching for some peace and love outside of your comfort zone? When pain and heartbreak gets the better of you, remind yourself that everything is temporary.

Love is not the same as longing, Capricorn. Do you believe in the potential of this romance?

Libra Horoscope | Jessica Adams | Astrology

Then stop making excuses for each other and find a way to be together. Listen to your heart and do something terribly impractical. On a side note, your instinct is extra sharp this week. Maintain a dream journal and be aware of the signs your subconscious is giving you. Being in your centre will also help you detach yourself from the chaos and commotion taking place outside. Remember, you are far too evolved to get caught up in it.

Your Weekly Horoscope

There is so much good coming your way this week. They say inner reality determines our outer reality. Continue to vibrate higher, Pisces. You are a magnet for both abundance and love.